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Broadway San Jose will entertain over 220,000 patrons from all over the Bay Area – Santa Cruz to Livermore, Monterey to San Francisco. Upwardly mobile and affluent, our patrons are the people most likely to dine at restaurants, go to concerts, and spend their disposable income on high-end products and services.

Theatre programs are collectable and of great interest to theater buffs. Our patrons are a captive audience who spend their time thumbing through the program before and after the show inspecting actor bios and of course, reading your ads.

All of our productions are held at San Jose’s beautiful Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown San Jose, and our upcoming line-up includes several blockbusters, time-honored classics, as well as family favorites.

Businesses can use Broadway San Jose’s program advertising to create a presence in the South Bay community, support Downtown San Jose and the arts, all while enjoying the very real benefit of reaching a desirable demographic.

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