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Broadway San Jose Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability.

Unless otherwise indicated, these season ticket terms and conditions, as well as any supplemental terms and conditions that the Broadway San Jose (“BSJ”) may provide from time to time in the future, apply to the person or company in whose name the season ticket account is held (the “Account Holder” or “you”) and all persons who use the Account Holder’s tickets as the Account Holder’s guests or otherwise.

2. Risk of loss.

Upon receipt of your tickets for any full or partial season ticket subscription (including any additional single performance tickets purchased in connection with the subscription), risk of loss of the tickets shall pass to you. You can obtain a mobile version of your tickets anytime by visiting https://am.ticketmaster.com/bsj/. The theater shall not be obligated to admit you or your guests to a performance unless the original or legitimate replacement tickets are presented at the time of the performance.

3. Revocable privileges.

All tickets (including all season tickets and any additional single performance tickets) are personal privileges that, except as otherwise provided by law, are revocable at will in the sole discretion of BSJ. Tickets may be revoked with or without cause, for reasons that include but are not limited to improper conduct by you, your guests, or other holders of the tickets, and non-usage of the tickets. Should Pantages revoke any tickets, BSJ will refund you the amount paid for revoked tickets for future performances.

4. Cancellations.

Should BSJ or the producer of a show (“Producer”) cancel, without replacing, a show included in your season ticket package, BSJ may provide you a refund of the face value price of the tickets for the cancelled show. Season ticket packages, including tickets for any individual show or performance, are not otherwise refundable except in Broadway San Jose sole discretion. Any accounts with similar or duplicate contact information will be cancelled without notice.

5. Exchanges.

If you cannot attend a performance on the date of your tickets, you may be able to exchange your tickets for another performance of the same show. All such exchange requests must be made at least 1 business day before the earlier of the performance date on your tickets and your requested alternative performance date either online, by phone, or in person at the box office. All such requests are subject to availability of tickets for the requested alternative performance date. Any additional charges incurred in connection with the exchange request—for example, any increase in ticket prices due to a more favorable seat location or higher priced performance date—will be charged to your credit card upon processing of your request. No refunds or credits will be issued in the case of exchanges to lower priced tickets or performances.

6. Renewals.

Although BSJ anticipates that Account Holders will have the privilege to renew their season ticket subscriptions for the next season, such renewal privileges are extended at the option and in the sole discretion of BSJ and may be revoked or cancelled at any time for any reason. As well, BSJ in its sole discretion and for any reason may change the seat location(s) previously assigned to any such subscription. All tickets not purchased by the renewal deadline date indicated on your season ticket renewal invoice or online promptly will be released by BSJ for sale.

7. Behavior.

In addition to any restrictions imposed by applicable law and the rules of the theater (if other than BSJ) in which a show is presented, disorderly conduct, smoking (including use of e-cigarettes) inside the theater, use of mobile devices during the performance, and any recording or photographing of the performance are strictly prohibited. Also, outside food and beverages, large bags, professional cameras, weapons, illegal drugs, and other contraband are not permitted inside the theater. No large bags or luggage will be allowed into the theatre. Make plans to store them off site. All ticket holders consent to a reasonable search for such items. Violators of these provisions may be required to leave the theater without any ticket refund, and may be subject to revocation of any remaining tickets in their season ticket package. The seating of ticket holders arriving after a performance begins is subject to BSJ’s and the Producer’s late seating rules, and such seating may be delayed and is at the discretion of theater management.

8. Content and special effects.

Some shows may contain profanity and/or explicit content intended for mature audiences, and/or may utilize special effects such as smoke, haze, and strobes. It is the responsibility of you, your guests, and other holders of performance tickets to make their own investigation and determination (based on show summaries, reviews, and other available information) of whether the show is appropriate for you and them, including whether any of you or them will be offended or negatively affected by the show’s content or special effects. When such concerns arise, BSJ will endeavor to accommodate requests to exchange tickets for another show, subject to ticket availability, so long as you contact us reasonably in advance of the performance of concern.

9. Force majeur.

BSJ and the Producer are committed to presenting quality touring Broadway productions and other shows. However, given the nature of live theater, BSJ and the Producer shall not be responsible for any sound quality issues, special effects malfunctions, other technical difficulties, the use of understudies or other substitute performers, fire alarms, other loud sounds outside the theater, or any other force majeur event outside Pantages’ and the Producer’s reasonable control.

10. Seat location.

Allocations of seat locations for season ticket packages are made from, and subject to, available seat locations as determined by BSJ in its sole discretion. Your seats may be relocated for a particular performance if necessitated by production design requirements, due to limited or obstructed views, or for other reasons. In such cases, you will be contacted to be relocated to the best available seating. No refunds will be provided if your seats need to be relocated.

11. Payment deadline.

All payments for season tickets are due by the payment deadline(s) set forth in your season ticket subscription invoice or online. Failure to pay by the deadline(s) may result in the loss of your season ticket purchase opportunity and the loss of any future season ticket benefits. You agree to abide by the refund and exchange restrictions applicable to your tickets. Without limiting the foregoing, you agree not to seek any refund or exchange unless specifically allowed by these terms and conditions or BSJ’s or the Producer’s policies. You also agree not to dispute any credit card charge or seek any credit card chargeback with respect to valid credit card charges for your tickets. Should you violate these credit card restrictions, BSJ may cancel any tickets purchased with the subject credit card and refuse to honor or allow any pending or future ticket purchases made with the credit card. Returned or dishonored checks may be subject to a handling charge.

12. Pricing.

The total cost of your season ticket package as stated on the season ticket pricing grid or your season ticket invoice, reflects the sum of the face value price of your tickets plus any service charges, handling fees, and applicable taxes. The face value price stated on your tickets reflects the value of your tickets plus any facilities fees, but does not include any service charges, handling fees, and applicable taxes. As such, the face value price stated on your tickets may be less than the total cost of your season tickets.

13. Reselling.

BSJ does not permit the purchasing of tickets for the sole purpose of reselling them. BSJ does not permit the reselling of tickets in excess of their face value price through any means other than through authorized reselling programs of BSJ. Violations of this provision by you, your guests, or other holders of your tickets may result in revocation of your remaining season tickets and season ticket renewal privileges. BSJ and the Producer will not be responsible for counterfeit tickets that season ticket holders or others may purchase from unauthorized ticket resellers. Lost or stolen tickets for which replacement tickets have been issued will be voided and not honored. To address improper resale and counterfeit ticket concerns and otherwise, BSJ may implement any necessary procedures for tracking ticket transfers and purchases, including but not limited to a paperless ticket system which may require the ticket holder to present the credit or debit card used for purchase prior to admission.

14. Non-local Season Ticket Accounts.

Account Holders located outside California zip codes 90000-96162 may be canceled without notice. Tickets purchased by persons that BSJ believes are purchasing solely for resale also may be canceled and refunded at any time.

15. Ticket limits.

There is an 8 ticket maximum when purchasing Season Tickets, which may be purchased across a maximum of two performance dates. Season ticket purchasers may also purchase a maximum of ten (10) additional single performance tickets, spread over no more than two (2) performance dates, for each show presented during the season. BSJ and the Producer shall be entitled, in their sole discretion, to implement ticket purchase limits on any basis. In the event a person, including any season ticket holder, purchases more tickets than allowed under any applicable limit, BSJ and/or the Producer, each in its own discretion [and with or without notice to the purchaser], may revoke and issue refunds to the purchaser for those tickets purchased in excess of the applicable limit, and may revoke remaining season tickets and season ticket renewal privileges.

16. Children.

All persons entering the theatre, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Unless otherwise noted on the applicable show webpage at www.BroadwaySanJose.com, children under five (5) are not permitted in the theatre. Some shows or events do have a different age policy than the standard theatre policy, so please check the show webpage before you attend. For the comfort and enjoyment of all guests, children who are disruptive to other guests will be asked to leave the auditorium. All sales are final, and no refunds will be allowed for removals due to disruption.

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